Sunday, January 07, 2007

Embarassing moments...brought to you by a 12 year old

Last night we went to the airport to pick up Tori. As we were standing at the baggage claim waiting for her suitcases, a beige colored bag was coming down the chute and Tori said, "That's an old lady's bag."

So, I was under the impression that she actually saw an old lady with the bag so I asked, "Really? How do you know" Did you actually see an old lady with that bag?" She said, "No it just looks like an old lady's bag."

As these words were coming out of her mouth, an older man reached out and picked the bag up off of the carousel, looked over at Tori and said, "it's NOT an old lady's bag!" He was smiling and laughing, but Tori was so embarrassed! She turned bright red. It was funny.

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Tim Stewart said...

Tori is one of the funniest people I know. How perfect that she would say that and the guy whose bag it was would be right there. Priceless!