Monday, July 31, 2006


This weekend I went to the famouse! and spectaculare! 19th annual Seedless Watermelon Festival in Knox City, Texas.

The last time I attended the festival I was in elementary school. All we did was sit around picnic tables and eat free watermelon in the oppressive heat and then go to the city pool for free. That was it. Oh, and there was a dunking booth.

Soooo...I was pleasantly surprised to see that it had grown considerably.

There were about 50 booths of various and sundry merchandise:

There was a band playing:

There was a cool car show:

And the city pool is STILL free:

There was also still a dunking booth, but I didn't get a picture. So here is another sight: a gratuitous Confederate flag:

We took a lot of pictures. I will share a few more with you.

This series is entitled, Bored in the car:

These are entitled, When lip augmentation goes awry:

And as a grande finale, Cool mural in Munday, TX:

There are more where those came from! I'll bore you with more pictures later...

Friday, July 28, 2006

For your viewing enjoyment:

Grillz feat. Danielbeast, LG15, P. Monkey, and O'n.

This girl does video blogs on She's cute.

I like the aluminum foil on the teeth. Nice.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Funny, fun and diverting t-shirts

Click on the title of this post to see the funniest, funnest and divertingest t-shirts ever.

See attached

Jada's post sum it up. I don't even have to write a thing. We should just make linking to each other's blogs a tradition. Institute a National Linking of Jada's and Sara's Blogs Day. Compose a song in honor of linkage!

[singsongy] Nee no nee nee noooo neee! Come on, everybody! Join in! Nee no nee nee nooooo nnnneeeeeee!!!

BTW, dood, Jada's blog is way the best blog.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Can I just say...

that I love Star Trek? The whole franchise. The original Star Trek, The Next Generation, Space Nine Deep, Voyager, etc. We're getting S9D through Netflix these days. We already finished watching the entire Voyager series. I'm even pondering buying a t-shirt that reads, "Beam me up". Next thing you know, I'll be buying one of the fake communication buttons and wearing it everywhere I go.

The t-shirt IS totally cool, though...

Am I a hopeless case?

And while were on the subject of t-shirts, I'm also thinking of buying this one:

Because it's true. I mean, really. Nobody cares.

Monday, July 24, 2006

How I broke my toe.

Someone besides Jada commented on my blog. Gasp! All this time I was under the impression that I was writing this for the sole entertainment of Jada and Jose. I never thought this day would come!

Moving on, the comment pertained to my toe breakage. The question was, how did I break my toe? Well, the answer is so boring that I didn't even think about blogging it, but here it is: I was getting out of the water at Krause Springs and I hit it on the rock bank. Boring? I told you so.

The cool thing about that comment was that the commenter commented on my beautiful feet. My doctor said that I have great bone structure in my feet. They are size 11. For those who don't know, that's BIG! It's hard to find shoes.

One week ago...sad black toe.

Today...happy normal color toe.

It's still broken, but it's healing. It doesn't even hurt. I almost went to the doctor, but I decided that it would be a waste of time and money. Just like everyone says, "you cain't do nothing 'bout a broke toe!" I don't think there'll be any permanent damage. Someday I'll be able to walk on sand again...sigh.

Cover Blown

Jana is Jada, Ricardo is Rigel. It's out! It's all over the news! I can't hide it anymore! It's on Jada's blog!

Thank goodness Thad is still a mystery to the world...

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Totally dissed by the weather

Saturday in Austin. Mid-morning: hot, sunny.

We went to eat at Cool Taco, the quaint RV taco stand that Jose's classmate recently opened up. It is located behind 6th Street Cool Store which has a Bob Marley mural on the western facing wall.

After lunch: hot, still sunny. Dark clouds looming on the horizon.

We were off for an adventurous afternoon of swimming at Barton Springs. However, our destiny changed its course in the blink of an eye. It was thundering and lightning somewhere within earshot. When we arrived at the gate it was practically slammed in our faces. It turns out that they have a 30-minute-thunderclap-closure-countdown policy, i.e. they hear thunder and they close the pool for 30 minutes. Bummer.

Notice the empty waters, people leaving, etc.

We waited around a while and finally decided to throw caution to the wind and take matters into our own hands. We went to Jada's apartment pool and jumped in.

Here we have Jose horseplaying at the pool, which we all know is strictly prohibited!

And then, to make a long story even longer...we went to eat pho at the supposed best pho place in town. I didn't think it was that great, not to mention there was a fly trapped in the sugar dispenser. Grody. Oh, and then we came home and watched Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, which apparently scared off Jada. (Hi, Jada, didn't mean to scare you can come and watch Space Nine Deep any time!)

Soooooo, alls well that ends well around here. We still want to go the Barton Springs, though.

To end, a gratuitous photo of Jada's cat beating up on the neighbor's cat:

And giving her the death stare:

Saturday, July 22, 2006

Accident prone.

As I was leaving work yesterday, my boss said, "don't hurt yourself this weekend..." I think I'm making a name for myself.

Joseph Smith really tricked a lot of people


This is a 10 minute video about the differences between Christian beliefs and Mormonism. Freaky. I'm glad I'm a Christian.

Thursday, July 20, 2006


Damn! I, Agassi, miss again! Mad!

Dr. Awkward

Butt raft, fart tub.

[For Jada]
We passed Odessa. Pew!

Harass selfless Sarah!

Zeus: "Nile macaroni, Ma, is a nitrate-tart in Asia Minor, a camel in Suez."

Hah hah! [I made that one up...creative!]

Monday, July 17, 2006

Musical theater and I hate Monopoly, Aka: complaining

I have found that I don't like musicals as much as I wish I did. I think I like the idea of musicals more than the actual going to see them. That goes for plays and symphonies too. I guess that I'm not as inteligente as I pretend to be.

On Friday (before the fateful day of the toe breakage), I went with Jana &co (including, but not limited to, Ricardo and Thad) to the outdoor musical theater that is at Zilker park.

The crowd


The alleged "Jana"

The finishing (I took a flash photo! Ha ha!)

The park is putting on Seven Brides for Seven Brothers. I did like the going and the being there with my friends and the crowd, but as to the play itself I found myself thinking, "hurry up with all the singing and dancing and get on with finishing," etc.

Maybe it's because the Zilker hillside theater is, well, on a hillside. A steeply sloped hillside. And we had to get there an hour and a half early just get our blanket in a decent spot. And we had to sit there for the next 4 hours. Needless to say: me butt was a hurtin'.

On Saturday we went to Krause Springs, where I broke my toe. Moving on.

Saturday night Jose and I got together with J and R and T yet again. This time to play Monopoly. Simpsons Monopoly. I hate Monopoly. (Jose loves Monopoly.) Why do people like to play it? It takes way too long to finish and it's BORING. The fact that it was the Simpsons version made it only slightly more enjoyable. I got to be Santa's Little Helper. That's the only reason. The funny thing was that I was winning through most of the game. I had tons of money and property. Ironic, no?

Monopoly high jinks

Concluding: I will continue to go to musicals and plays and symphonies. I will go to them and maybe someday I will like them. I'm never playing Monopoly again.

Sunday, July 16, 2006

The Black Toe Saga

Black toe and Speed Scrabble.

Notice "throbs" spelled out back there.

Very appropriate.

Black Toe: The Morning After.

I really think I broke it.

Saturday, July 15, 2006

As purple as the day is long

Today we went here:

Krause Springs

And I broke my toe:


Thursday, July 13, 2006

An e-mail exchange

Jana: Sara, you have just been promoted. I gave you your own folder in my e-mail account.

Me: Wow, I'm honored. I guess I'll just have to start writing you meaningless emails to fill it up. Maybe I'll start sending you all of the forwarded chain letters, jokes and "inspirational messages" that I get. How about that?

Jana: Awwww, I LOVE chain mail! It seems like every single time I forward those things, I get lucky or something cool happens in 7 minutes or my wish comes true. Thanks!


The Japanese have an "artform" that they call chindogu. The art of the almost useful invention. Here are the 10 tenets of chindogu. Now the inventive Japanese have come up with something on the very edge of almost usefulness. A smell recorder.


One more link.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

So many things to catch up on

I haven't written (save the earlier post for today) in a week. I know that no one reads this (sigh, poor me, I won't even give the link to my friends...) but I want to keep up with stuff anyway. So here's the list of things that I want to log on my blog.

1. Italy won the World Cup. Does anyone in the US care? I care. I wanted France to win, just because I like Zidane and he is retiring, etc.

2. And then there's The Head Butt.

Everyone is talking about it (at least in the news). I have been monitoring to find out what the heck Materazzi said. It had to be something very nasty for Zizou to do that. Although there's no excuse for what he did, I can understand why he did it because those Italians really get on my nerves too. They're sooooo dramatic when they fall on the ground and roll around pretending to be hurt. And on the other hand, they're so likeable and cute. Ugh, it really angers me.

Moving on...

3. This weekend we hung out with some really cool friends, Ricardo and Jana. Ricardo is the biggest friend I have ever had, being 6'6'' and so many hundreds of pounds. I don't know how else to describe him, he's just B-I-G. Huge. He has to duck to enter my apartment and then watch out for the ceiling fan. Jana is like 5'4''. It's cute. We played a diverting variation on Scrabble, dubbed "Speed Scrabble".

(Not my picture, I got it off of Flickr, but replace the bottle of root beer with a bottle of wine and you get the idea.)

In one of the rounds, our other friend (the one who wants to read my blog), we'll call him Thad, spelled just two words, "sexy" and "knobs". We had a little giggle over that one. He insisted that it was the luck of the draw. Ha ha! Sexy knobs! Sexy knobs!

4. This weekend we also helped a friend move. She is one person with 3 cats. She lived in a two bedroom apartment and both bedrooms and living room were FULL OF STUFF. To clarify: She had a lot of stuff. A...lot. Anyway, we (six peeps) started at 1 pm and worked until about 7 pm. I'm glad that we could help, but man, did I mention that she had a lot of stuff?

5. Well, let's see, what rained here on the 4th of July. I went to see Superman Returns the other night. Liked it. Right now I'm listening to Pride and Prejudice from Librivox. (I've read it a bunch of times and seen various film versions...I really like it, obvies.)

Two Darcys from the movies:


Which one was cuter? I don't know.

Hope you liked the recap. Adios people.


One of my friends found out that I have a blog and now he wants me to send him the link so that he can read it. I'm freaking out. I mean, I don't care if people that I don't know read my blog (not that anybody does), but someone that I know? Whoa.

Maybe if I just let it lie, he will forget and quit asking about it...

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Pictures from my family reunion!!!!

My aunt Lisa and my Grandma. Grandma hates to get her picture the whole world can see her on the internet. Ahh, the sweet irony.

My Spaniard with the first fish he ever caught. It's small but meaningful. He fished the whole weekend. He's a real part of my fishing-freak family now.

The "dock" where I "fell" in the "water" and hit my "chin." Also where we fished from for hours at a time. I'm out there with my foot up on one of those pole thingys that holds up the roof...(I can't remember what they're called).

In this picture is my dad, in the striped shirt back there, my step-mom, in the red shorts, Jose, in action back by my dad, moi, in the black "shorts," and featuring the legendary cornhole competition bag flying through the air (look to the left of step-mom's head).
We had to have a tournament, being that my family has lots of coaches and people with a general obsession with competition. Jose and I got 4th place.
My cousin, Dustin, on the paddle boat with my other 4 very cute little cousins. Dustin had jelly legs after they got back to shore.

The whole fam! Not everybody was there, but we were 23 in total. That's a lot of people...

Monday, July 03, 2006

THE Bruise

We went to my famliy reunion this weekend. I fell in the lake at my uncle's dock and hit my chin on the boat. Can you see the ugly bruise? It's right next to the scar that I got in a freak rollerblading accident.

Other than that little incident, we had a lot of fun. I'll post some more pictures later.