Thursday, May 10, 2007

Atheists v. Christians, Times 2

There is something in the air this month. Two new debates between Christians and Atheists are out on the web. Check them out.

1. Christianity Today is publishing a correspondence, all this month, between Douglas Wilson (Christian) and Christopher Hitchens (Atheist).

Here is part 1 and part 2.

So far, it's very interesting and promises to get even better as the month goes on. There will be more installments, so bookmark it and check back.

2. ABC online is doing a debate series called "Nightline Face-Off". The series will be about various themes, and this first one is between Ray Comfort and Kirk Cameron of "The Way of the Master" and two people from the "Rational Response Squad," Brian "Sapient" and a woman named "Kelly" (those are not their real names).

The Way of the Master is a organization that is dedicated to "seeking and saving the lost the way Jesus did."

The Rational Response Squad is a group that is dedicated to "blaspheming the Holy Spirit" and confronting the "irrational claims" of religion.

Personally, I found that Kelly and Brian (especially Kelly) both acted and spoke with such a condescending and arrogant tone. They just came off as so unlikeable. On the other hand, Ray and Kirk spoke in such a loving and kind way. You could hear gentleness and genuine care in their voices. You really could hear the difference. There is one lady in the audience that yells at Ray and he speaks so kindly in return.

The link to the debate is here, also here.

Let me know what you think!


Tim Stewart said...

Did you see that scene where atheists videotape themselves repudiating the Trinity? Creepy.

Anonymous said...

I saw this! I didn't think the atheists really gave any compelling arguement for why they are atheists other than "if God created the world, who created God?" Rather than not believing in God, I almost got the impression that they hated God.