Tuesday, July 07, 2009

how not to treat a library book

A week and a half ago we went to the branch library and signed up for library cards. I was really excited about it and checked out my first book that day. Well, this is how I treat my wonderful library book:

The other day, as I was getting in the car to leave town, I set it on the roof of my car while I wrangled the dog. When we were about an hour out of town I started looking around for it in the car and asked Jose if he had seen it. The last place he saw it, of course, was on top of the car.

Yes, we had driven off with the book still up there.

I frantically called a few of my neighbors to get them to please look for the book in the street. One of them found it, called me back and said, "It looks like it got run over, but it's not damaged."

I let the book that the city of Austin entrusted to me to take care of as if it were my own get run over by a car.

When I got home, my nice neighbor brought it over. I don't exactly know what his definition of "not damaged" is but the book, unfortunately, is damaged and I will probably have to pay for it. It has tire marks in a lot of places and the binding is coming apart in another. Ugh. I can't believe that this is what I did to my first library book in years.

I actually erased most of the tire marks, except for the darkest ones. You can still see faint black tire tracks on the pages and the outside edges!

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