Saturday, December 23, 2006

The Comeback

Soooooo, has everybody gotten a good look at Sabrina????? I hope so, because the next time I feature a missing child on my blog, I expect results. Results, people! Find those missing children!

Also, in case any of you were wondering, Sabrina is my friend's daughter. That's why I left her up for so long. Not because I was neglecting my website. No., in honor of the new movie Rocky VI, I, too, am making a comeback (Tim, is that enough commas? Because, I, too, can add some more). This post is getting a little random, so I'm going to come into focus here and write a few related statements.

Jose and I are staying in town for Christmas this year. Basically, because he has to work and I don't have any vacation left anyway. So I plan on gathering up everybody else that I know that is staying here for Christmas weekend and have a nice cozy get-together at my cozy apartment. We can play Parcheesi and microwave chestnuts! Yay! Yellow army! (Martin, that hyperlink is for you)

Another thing that I want tell you about is the athlete's foot that I got last week. My friend gave it to me for Christmas. Oh, it's not what you think. I don't have crusty, yellow, stinky toes. I got an athlete's foot fungus magnified one million times its actual size and made into a plush doll, as modeled here by Olive.

She loves her athlete's foot. Can't you see it in her face? Isn't it cute? My friend, Jessica, gave it to me. She gave other people various and sundry diseases as well. I felt special.

Now, I'm going to tell you something that may make you uncomfortable. Every time I mention the subject to people they act strange and start either laughing or looking around nervously or both. It may sound sad, that's because it is sad, but I want you to know before I write it that I'm okay.

Here it is: last Wednesday was the 1 year anniversary of my brother, Dennis's, death. Most of my friends know that he died and most know how he died, and I don't want to write about it now because it's long and depressing. Maybe someday I'll tell the story, but for now, I just want to honor him by saying that he is greatly missed by his family and we wish he were here with us for Christmas 2006. I know that he is in heaven with Jesus and that God has given him a good, long lecture and now he's chillaxin' with Adam, Eve, Mammy and Pappy and Johnny Cash and co. I still wish he were here though. Here is a photo of him just 2 days before he died:

Amazing isn't it? He was alive and just two days later he was not. I can still hardly believe it.

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Tim Stewart said...

A post, a post! So how was the Christmas par-tay (as they say in France)? I didn't know chestnuts could be microwaved. Do they get squishy?

I wish I would have been able to meet your brother. From all reports, he sounds like a great guy. Well, I hope to see him again someday in a cloudy heaven suffused with light.