Sunday, February 18, 2007

2 things

1. Last night I saw a U-haul trailer driving down I-35 with a vacuum duct taped to the side of it. I guess the trailer was just too full for the vacuum to fit. I can just hear the conversation, "Oh no! The trailer's full and the vacuum is still not packed! What can we do! ...I know, hand me the duct tape!"

2. Jose came back from Sweden and brought these little gummy candies that the Swedes like so much. Some of them taste like salty licorice, which is something that those crazy Scandinavians love. I never thought that I would like it, but I have to say, it's growing on me. It's strangely additive...

And finally, here's a little something extra:

1 comment:

Tim Stewart said...

Joselito! The Champion of . . . Sweden? :-) Man, all those Swedish fish you left at my house were gone by, like, Friday night. I only got one or two of the salty licorice ones. You think there's a place where we can get 'em that good local?

Are there any more pix of Jose in Sweden? I wanna see 'em!