Saturday, February 10, 2007

Oh, you guys

Jose has been in Sweden visiting Manolo & Co. for the last two weeks. How have I spent my time you ask? Well, I have NOT spent it cleaning up after myself. That's for sure. My apartment was so messy. I had time today to pick up, wash dishes, wash clothes, etc. Life is so hard.

I am forming an ugly Myspace habit too. That site is like crack. I can't get off of it. I have looked up just about every name in my brain.

While I am thinking of it, I have a question. Do you people notice the crazy spam email titles? Besides the ones about finding people to have sex with and the ones that tell me I can have a bigger wee, the rest have the funniest names. Here is a short list:

snuck outdid
or seep it say
The go draftsman
seemingly derive
her chromatography he waylaid
it my prone
if also panel boy republic

Interesting...One time I saw this website where this guy would take these random subject lines and illustrate them. It was really funny, but I can't find it now. I personally like "her chromatography he waylaid" the best. I think we need to collect the funniest ones and when we have enough, we can write an entire play using only spam subject lines as the dialogue. Then we can put in on Youtube. Awesome idea!

And finally, not to be snuck outdid by my friends, it was icy and cold about a month ago and here are my pictures of it:

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