Thursday, July 16, 2009

Obamacare will ruin our country and take away our freedom!

The new healthcare bill is freaking me out! If this passes, it will be the worst thing that has happened in this country in a very long time.

Ugh! I don't want to pay for anyone else's healthcare. I don't want other people to pay for mine either. I want to pay for my own! I want the freedom to use the money that comes into our household as I see fit. If I want to donate to charity, I should be the one to decide that.

What if I want an insurance plan with a high deductable, instead of paying a high monthly rate? That should be my choice. If people would be more responsible with their money, then I think a lot more people would have insurance.

Today I heard that 25% of those without insurance are illegal aliens and their children. Whoa. How are we going to pay for that?

I lived in Spain, a country that has a government run healthcare system, and I hated going to the doctor there. Also, there was never enough money to pay for it, so the gov't was always having to look for ways to suck more money out of the people. Did you know that the reason gas is so expensive in Spain is because of the heavy taxes that are placed on it to pay for healthcare?

The crazy thing is that the president and Congress will probably never have to even be in the public heathcare system (if it passes). Although they will have to pay for it. They are mostly "the rich." However, I wouldn't be surprised if they have written something into the over 1000 pages that makes them exempt from paying the taxes that would go toward healthcare. Obama couldn't even say that he would let his family go through the system if something happened to them. When asked, he obfuscated and never answered a clear yes or no. I bet not one congressperson would want to be in this system.

If this bill passes, if I ever get cancer I won't be able to make choices for myself and I will have to wait for treatment, if the "health board" decides that I am worth receiving that treatment.

I know very few people read this blog, but if you do, please look more closely at this bill.

Go to these websites and read the articles and posts about it:

The Cato Institute

The Heritage Foundation

It's really scary! Call your congressperson(s) and tell them that you DON'T WANT IT!

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Susan said...

Um, you need to do some more research. You already help pay for other people's healthcare- it's called Medicaid and Medicare. If we change nothing about our system, in seven years the average American family will pay $28,000 a year in health care costs (or about 1/3 of the average family's income.) Are you familiar with the concept of pre-existing conditions? Many people DO want health care, but are refused because of allergies or they were a victim of domestic violence. Also, many people with insurance get dropped after they get sick. How does this system work for anyone?? You're a young clueless girl who clearly has no idea what the real world is like.