Monday, October 23, 2006

More party, less boring videos

This is what Tim posted. We sat there for about an hour skipping rocks. It's more fun in real life. Seriously. party pics!

Cornhole is a spectator sport.
Except for Tim, he's looking for buzzards to catch and pet.

These are the "berries" that I tried to get both Tim and Jada to eat. I was unsuccessful with Tim, but Jada ate one. They are really what are known as Pequin peppers. They are "very hot, often 7-8 times hotter than jalapeƱos." That's from Wikipedia. It must be true. Anyway, they taste like ...burning!


I touch touch me! (wasn't that a song or something?) Anyhoo, Tim touches Bowen, Bowen is weirded out.

Tori farts and Jada doesn't like it.

J/K! Tori didn't fart, she is just saying something 11ish.


Tim Stewart said...

I like how you squeezed two blog entries out of one weekend! That takes serious skill!

Tim Stewart said...

By the way, if you don't like waiting for the new batch of Postsecret (like I don't), you can see a bunch on

Jada said...

I'm like really good with kids.

Also, I like your interpretation of Tim's facial expression. Perfect.

purplefred said...

I wasn't weirded out. I am quite secure in my masculinity.