Monday, July 17, 2006

Musical theater and I hate Monopoly, Aka: complaining

I have found that I don't like musicals as much as I wish I did. I think I like the idea of musicals more than the actual going to see them. That goes for plays and symphonies too. I guess that I'm not as inteligente as I pretend to be.

On Friday (before the fateful day of the toe breakage), I went with Jana &co (including, but not limited to, Ricardo and Thad) to the outdoor musical theater that is at Zilker park.

The crowd


The alleged "Jana"

The finishing (I took a flash photo! Ha ha!)

The park is putting on Seven Brides for Seven Brothers. I did like the going and the being there with my friends and the crowd, but as to the play itself I found myself thinking, "hurry up with all the singing and dancing and get on with finishing," etc.

Maybe it's because the Zilker hillside theater is, well, on a hillside. A steeply sloped hillside. And we had to get there an hour and a half early just get our blanket in a decent spot. And we had to sit there for the next 4 hours. Needless to say: me butt was a hurtin'.

On Saturday we went to Krause Springs, where I broke my toe. Moving on.

Saturday night Jose and I got together with J and R and T yet again. This time to play Monopoly. Simpsons Monopoly. I hate Monopoly. (Jose loves Monopoly.) Why do people like to play it? It takes way too long to finish and it's BORING. The fact that it was the Simpsons version made it only slightly more enjoyable. I got to be Santa's Little Helper. That's the only reason. The funny thing was that I was winning through most of the game. I had tons of money and property. Ironic, no?

Monopoly high jinks

Concluding: I will continue to go to musicals and plays and symphonies. I will go to them and maybe someday I will like them. I'm never playing Monopoly again.

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Jada said...

so glad to see a million pictures of your toe.

i must admit i enjoyed the musical, but i still say that lead character was a bit too lispy, if you know what i mean.