Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Pictures from my family reunion!!!!

My aunt Lisa and my Grandma. Grandma hates to get her picture taken...now the whole world can see her on the internet. Ahh, the sweet irony.

My Spaniard with the first fish he ever caught. It's small but meaningful. He fished the whole weekend. He's a real part of my fishing-freak family now.

The "dock" where I "fell" in the "water" and hit my "chin." Also where we fished from for hours at a time. I'm out there with my foot up on one of those pole thingys that holds up the roof...(I can't remember what they're called).

In this picture is my dad, in the striped shirt back there, my step-mom, in the red shorts, Jose, in action back by my dad, moi, in the black "shorts," and featuring the legendary cornhole competition bag flying through the air (look to the left of step-mom's head).
We had to have a tournament, being that my family has lots of coaches and people with a general obsession with competition. Jose and I got 4th place.
My cousin, Dustin, on the paddle boat with my other 4 very cute little cousins. Dustin had jelly legs after they got back to shore.

The whole fam! Not everybody was there, but we were 23 in total. That's a lot of people...

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