Wednesday, July 12, 2006

So many things to catch up on

I haven't written (save the earlier post for today) in a week. I know that no one reads this (sigh, poor me, I won't even give the link to my friends...) but I want to keep up with stuff anyway. So here's the list of things that I want to log on my blog.

1. Italy won the World Cup. Does anyone in the US care? I care. I wanted France to win, just because I like Zidane and he is retiring, etc.

2. And then there's The Head Butt.

Everyone is talking about it (at least in the news). I have been monitoring to find out what the heck Materazzi said. It had to be something very nasty for Zizou to do that. Although there's no excuse for what he did, I can understand why he did it because those Italians really get on my nerves too. They're sooooo dramatic when they fall on the ground and roll around pretending to be hurt. And on the other hand, they're so likeable and cute. Ugh, it really angers me.

Moving on...

3. This weekend we hung out with some really cool friends, Ricardo and Jana. Ricardo is the biggest friend I have ever had, being 6'6'' and so many hundreds of pounds. I don't know how else to describe him, he's just B-I-G. Huge. He has to duck to enter my apartment and then watch out for the ceiling fan. Jana is like 5'4''. It's cute. We played a diverting variation on Scrabble, dubbed "Speed Scrabble".

(Not my picture, I got it off of Flickr, but replace the bottle of root beer with a bottle of wine and you get the idea.)

In one of the rounds, our other friend (the one who wants to read my blog), we'll call him Thad, spelled just two words, "sexy" and "knobs". We had a little giggle over that one. He insisted that it was the luck of the draw. Ha ha! Sexy knobs! Sexy knobs!

4. This weekend we also helped a friend move. She is one person with 3 cats. She lived in a two bedroom apartment and both bedrooms and living room were FULL OF STUFF. To clarify: She had a lot of stuff. A...lot. Anyway, we (six peeps) started at 1 pm and worked until about 7 pm. I'm glad that we could help, but man, did I mention that she had a lot of stuff?

5. Well, let's see, what rained here on the 4th of July. I went to see Superman Returns the other night. Liked it. Right now I'm listening to Pride and Prejudice from Librivox. (I've read it a bunch of times and seen various film versions...I really like it, obvies.)

Two Darcys from the movies:


Which one was cuter? I don't know.

Hope you liked the recap. Adios people.

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