Thursday, September 28, 2006

in which I feel stupid

So this is what happened. Last night. We practiced soccer. Then we went to have a little bubble drinkage. In initial attendance were Jada, Mark, and I. Mark drove us to the bubble drink location. Jose showed up a little later. We had a good time talking about traveling to Paris. We even had a pleasant conversation in Spanish about the comparative size of a triangle and a rectangle. Very interesting.

Fast forward to leaving bubble drink place. Jada and I are riding with Jose and Mark is going straight home. While we are still in the parking lot, Mark pulls up beside us and shows us a small something. It is Jada's keys. She had left them in his car. He says, "Now, that would have been bad!" We are all in hearty agreement. Then he says, "Do we need to take a second for everybody to make sure that they have everything out of my car???" We decline the offer. I am laughing because I think, "Ha, ha! Jada left her keys! She's so forgetful! I never do anything like that! I always know where my stuff is! Ha!" I even say to Jada, "I think that he was referring to you when he said that." And she says, "Yeah. Probably." As we drive off, I feel all the confidence of a person who has it together.

Fast forward to when we are in the parking lot of our apartments. I am getting my stuff out of Jada's car (which I was riding in earlier) and I say, "Fiddlesticks! I left my purse in Mark's car."

That, my friends, is what you call getting your just deserts. My arrogance has brought me low.

We had to go all the way to Mark's house and pick up my purse.

Next time, I'm checking the car for my stuff. And no more making fun of people who forget their keys.

Lesson learned.


tim stewart said...

That's pretty funny! It was like an Aesop's fable except with people, not animals. :-)

Anonymous said... time Jose looses something remember this story!

Jay said...

Hey Jose, is that you?

Joselito said...

I don't know who posted this comment, but I wasn't. I think that could be my mother in law, but I can not be sure. Please, could you identify yourself? It's just to give you my gratitude!

It's good to know that somebody thinks about you... hehehe!

Huh? Huh?

Jada said...

hahaha! This made me laugh loud! I like how you said "fiddlesticks," too. You're a comedic genius.

Anonymous said...

The anonymous comment came from me...Amber

Joselito said...

Amber, thank you very much!!

You are my favorite sister in law! I'll see you soon.