Wednesday, September 20, 2006

U-tube Funny

Okay. So I went beta. I went beta on Blogger. I thought it would be a good thing and for the most part, it has been. However, I wanted to post a video from a couple of youtuber guys that are so freaking hilarious.

But I can't because I went beta. So to alleviate my woes, I'll post some linkarooneys in a minute.

I guess I should now let you in on a little secret about myself. I'm actually a little bit of a youtube junky. Believe me, there are probably (literally) a million more people out there who are a lot worse off than me, but I do like to follow a few of the youtube crazies.

There's the drama of lonelygirl15. Is it real? Is it fake? For a little while it was a big Internet mystery. I even liked her so much that I put a video of hers on my blog. Well, now we know people. They have been exposed of as complete fakes. Now, watching the latest video is just a big let down. When you know that they are acting, it's just so bad. As in, the acting is bad. I'm still going to watch to find out what happens, though.

Then there's thewinekone, he's preeeetty funny. And he's real.

Then there's paytotheorderofofof, she's a little boring and long winded, but I still watch her videos.

Lastly, there is BaratsAndBereta. These guys are so funny! They do skits and jokes.

So go to youtube. Live a little. Laugh a little. Love a little (or just gag me with a spoon).


Jada said...

Why did you go beta? What's the benefit?

Tim Stewart said...

Braggin' rights, probably, is all.

Anonymous said...

Sara, lately I've been trying to visit the sites and blogs you have in your side bar, and I gotta say that Dooce's post yesterday made me sigh and smile simultaneously. Wonderful stuff. :-)


Mithnariel said...

Heyyyy >/