Thursday, September 14, 2006

The Liger

At my small group Bible study tonight, we thought up a new mixed drink. We think that it will be a great success.

It contains ginger ale, rum (maybe coconut rum, we don't know yet), and a splash of half 'n half, over ice, in a low ball glass.

We call it The Liger.

Yes, that is one of the special things we do at a serious Bible study. We study the Bible and think up mixed drinks. Well, maybe not so much thinking up of mixed drinks. That's the first one that we've ever collaborated on.

We haven't tried it yet. I'll get back to you on how it actually tastes. I know, we're dorks. It rubs off on me from Tim and Jada.

I'm actually totally cool.

P.S. How about this liger???


Jennifer said...

wow, you're fast!

Anonymous said...

One time I had a run-in with a couple of ligers. Shot 'em both. Yep, there were two empty shot glasses when I was done with 'em.

--Tim "Straight Shootin'" Stewart

Anonymous said...

I want to say that

a) I was not an advocate of this idea.

b) Tim: no more puns. You're killin' me, smalls.