Thursday, September 14, 2006

Strange Encounters III

Here is my last post about bathroom encounters. Jose said that when he came here to the US he was surprised at the ease of which men in the public restrooms do their noisy bidness. He said that it sometimes gets extremely loud in the restroom. He said that in Spain this kind of thing just doesn't happen (never mind the one time that he walked into the public restroom at the mall and a guy was in the middle of exposing and touching himself in a vigorous manner. That only happened once, and that guy was definitely crazy).

However, he told me that the other day he was in the bathroom at his job and when he had finished, he was leaving the restroom and, looking to his left, there was a guy sitting on the toilet with the stall door open, just out there for the world to see. He didn't care.

That's really gross. Don't you people have any sense of privacy?

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Anonymous said...

You are so lucky to be married to a Spaniard. This is exactly why I'm not married yet. American men are yucky.