Monday, June 12, 2006

Assorted stories

We've been to my dad's house for the last two weekends. Jose painted my sister-in-law's bathroom (it turned out really great). My sister-in-law,Jade*, and her cousin, Keira*, have houses on the same street as my dad.

Last weekend Keira's husband, Cooter*, was cleaning out their garage, which is full of toys, tools, etc. He had hauled everything out onto the driveway so that he could clean. Soon after, people started coming by, getting out of their cars and eyeballing all of Cooter's stuff. Apparently, there was a yard sale a few streets down and these people were just a little lost. Eventually, so many people were stopping that he had to put a sign at the end of the street, right in the middle, that read "Not a yard sale! Move on." with some arrows pointing down the block. It was hilarious.

Jose and I were walking from my dad's to my sister-in-law's house and he remarked at how nice my dad's yard is. Then he looked at the neighbor's yard and said in his cute Antonio Banderas accent, "Who lives here? Theirs is really ugly, they don't do anything to it!" At that moment the neighbor's front door came into view and we saw the neighbor standing there. Oops! He should have said it in Spanish. He forgets that people can understand him.

Next weekend is Father's Day and so we're going back to spend the weekend at my dad's again. We told him that next weekend we can do anything he wants. It took him a minute to realize what that meant and when he did his face lit up with joy and he said, "well, if we want to go fishing we have to get up and go at 4:30." (he means a.m.) So that's what I'll be doing next Saturday. Getting up and going fishing at 4:30! I love my dad.

*Names have been altered to protect privacy

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