Monday, June 26, 2006

holeyness of pant

I bought a pair of cute linen capris yesterday at Old Navy. When I put them on all excitedly this morning, not only did I find a Blackjack gum wrapper in the pocket, I found a big ol' hole in the inner thigh region. Evidence of a prior wearing and returning. I'm a victim of the very same generous exchange policy that I have always loved about American stores! I'm returning them immediately.

BTW, my husband (the Spaniard) still can't believe the ease of which we in America can return and exchange merchandise. To return a pair of pants in Spain you have to talk to 42 different store employees of varying degrees of store rank, sign 12 notarized contracts of agreement and eat some worms to prove your sincere desire to return aforementioned pants.

AND you have to have the receipt.

In conclusion, be warned: check pockets for foreign objects and for general unholeyness of garments before buying at Old Navy.

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