Friday, June 23, 2006

Foreign customs

I found this blog that I can totally relate to. It's called
Tokyo Girl and it's very clever and amusing. Being a person that has lived in another country for a long time, I know that it's interesting and funny to see how other cultures compare to your own.

For example, in Spain, when you go to a bar or coffee shop (which are almost always the same thing) you throw your trash (mainly napkins, olive pits, etc.) onto the floor. At first, we Americans have a real aversion to doing so, but believe me, you get used to it. It's very convenient and satisfying to make a mess that you know someone else is going to clean up.

Since I've moved back to the US, when I'm at a restaurant I sometimes get the urge to throw my napkins onto the floor. I have to restrain myself from doing so. Every once in a while, though, the desire is too strong and I do it anyway. I'm addicted.

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