Sunday, June 25, 2006

What happens in Fiesta Texas stays in Fiesta Texas...

...except when it doesn't.

We had a great time at FT. They have a couple of awesome roller coasters. The Superman one and the "Polergeist." They were my favorites.

We were going up the stairs to ride the Poltergeist again and the people coming out were saying that it was broken. Jose and I were suspicious so we went to investigate. Turned out that it wasn't broken. Someone had thrown up while riding. The operators were cleaning it up. I hadn't thought about that happening before. At that moment, my eyes were opened and I saw the light. What happens if the person in front of you pukes? I mean, let's face it, who doesn't scream with their mouth wide open when riding a roller coaster? This brings to mind a certain movie in which there is a puke chain reaction. I think it was:

...from then on, we sat as close to the front of the train as possible. We didn't want to take our chances.

The Poltergeist

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