Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Jelly shoes, et al

Do you remember these ugly shoes from back in the day? I, of course, got my pair at Payless Shoe Source. They made my feet sweat and gave me blisters. Plus the little plastic strands would break and my toes would poke out everywhere.

The funny thing is that when we were at Fiesta Texas I saw a woman wearing a pair of sparkley blue ones. Weird. I don't think that they're coming back into style because the lady was in her 40s. Not that being 40 isn't stylish, it's just that the lady in question didn't exactly look like a trend setter, if you know what I mean. Among other interesting apparel choices, I saw a 13 year old wearing a plastic diamond tiarra all day. Every time she got on a ride she would take it off as if it were a hat. That's certainly not going to be a new style. From this and other evidence I would say that Fiesta Texas goers aren't going to be the ones setting any new trendy fashion sensations.

Summing up: jelly shoes. Uncomfortable. Impractical. Sweaty-foot inducing. Not a good comeback style.

However, I do see the checkered slip-on Vans back in style. I've always been partial to these shoes. They remind me of all those rebel 6th grade skater kids that hung out with my brother when we were growing up in CRAZY! Lubbock. Plus they look very comfy and slip-ons are my fave.

One last 80's side note: Yesterday I asked a little girl if she knew what a Smurf was and she said, "no".

I'm getting old.

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