Friday, August 18, 2006

The match up game

I play a game on this website everyday. It's the "match up game". It consists of 10 very hard words in two columns. In one column there are 5 words and in the other column there are 5 words that match up as synonyms to one of each of the 5 words in the first column (by the way, I never thought that this game would be so hard to explain). So, you match the words to their synonyms and click on "Answer". This takes you to the screen where you find out how smart of stupid you are. It tells you the percentage of the words that you matched correctly and then gives the definitions of the words. I, surprisingly, get 100% many times. I guess it's all the reading of classic literature I do. I rarely get lower than 40%. Today I think I will get 0% because the words are really hard.

Today's words:


Now, some of those might seem easy, but now let me show you the synonyms that you have to choose from:


Now, some of these seem reeeaally easy, but can you match them up? That's the hard part. I'm going to do it right now and then I'll tell you my score.

Okay, I did it. I got a 20%. I'm stupid.

See if you can do better.

Just as an aside, I also like the hangman game on this website.


Joselito said...

I couldn't do it better; it's awesome!
Congratulations, ;P

Jada said...

This game is easy. Can't you find something more challenging?

SerĂ¡ said...

Today's is easy. Friday's was hard. You're so unwieldy.

Joselito said...

Hey, Sarita!, what's up with you? From your have an Ipod, you aren't publishing anything. We need to know something about you, write something... and at the same time I can listen some music with that incredible device...

A jelous husband.

Jada said...

Actually, I was kidding about the "this game is easy" part. I played this game yesterday and got a 60%. What a failure I am!

Tim Stewart said...

Hey, that match game is fun! I have a feeling I'm gonna be hooked on it . . .