Wednesday, August 30, 2006

On being grossed out

So, in my last post I thought it would be funny to mention the eyelash mites and provide a hyperlink to an article about them. So I googled the words "eyelash mites."

Now that I have seen some real pictures and read a little about them, I am seriously nauseous. Seriously. Not only do we have these things living in our eyelashes and eyebrows and in probably every other hair follicle on our bodies, these types of articles have to go into all the other types of microscopic parasites that we have all over our bodies and everywhere else. I knew that these things are everywhere, but, you know, out of sight out of mind and all that. Now I've seen pictures of eyelash mites and if you'll excuse me I'm going to go throw up.

And since I'm already grossed out, here are the rest of the eyeballs that Jose took pictures of. He was in everybody's face with the camera. Now that's professionality.


Joselito said...

I really love these pictures.

Joselito said...

Sara forgot to say the owner's names for every eye:
-Rosie's eye.
-Sara's eye.
-Amber's eye (I like this one).
-Tori's eye (she was asleepy).
-Aubeny's eye.

Tim Stewart said...

It's like that game where you might say, "I spy with my ginormous eye . . . some periorbital parasites!"

Tim Stewart said...

     A Mitey Poem

If wish I may, I wish my mite,
wouldn't bite that lash
that he bit last night.

       --Tim Stewart, (C) 2006

Jada said...

1. Professionality! Ha!

2. The grossest part of those eyeball pictures is the greasy eyelids. Grosser than mites.

Jay Martin said...

Wow, great close ups. What camera did you use?