Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Soccer rundown

Update: Ok, I posted a picture. I don't like any of the others that Jose took. So this is what you get! I'll take some more next week and get them up.

I went to soccer practice last night. It's the first time I have played soccer since I was a wee lass. We got directly into it and scrimmaged. This is what happened: I got nervous and forgot which direction my team was going. I passed to the wrong team more than once. I ran up and down, up and down. I never actually "dribbled" down field because I was scared to. I learned what "up the line" and "square!" mean. I got tired and dizzy. I almost scored a few times. I made some good passes. I got two huge blisters on my heels.

Over all, it was ok. I need to practice a lot more though. It's a co-ed team and everybody was really nice. Today the capitan wrote me and asked if I would like to play goalie sometimes. Then I found out that Jada told him that I might like that position. I feel better because I thought it was because he wanted to get me out of the way.

We'll see how this drama unfolds. My legs are so sore from running! I'll post some pictures later.


Jada said...

You held yer own for a newbie! Member when the ball came flying toward us both and we got all panicky and sort of both hit it with our chests/stomachs? I felt like such a girl.

SerĂ¡ said...

Hey, I wasn't panicky. I was calm and controlled. If I remember correctly, I got the ball. I'm a regular Zizou. Watch out for the headbutt!

Joselito said...

Girls, I'm so sorry, but I don't remember what you guys are talking about. I was there taking pictures and looking for every good play and the only thing which I remember it was two exhausted girls fighting to touch the ball... huh? huh? :P

SerĂ¡ said...

Whatever, Jose. We were awesome.